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A podcast of the teaching ministry of Pastor Larry Trotter of Florida Coast Church (PCA) - Pompano Beach, Florida - Praising, Learning, Loving
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  1. Acts 10:1-48 - God loves THOSE people?

    Although there was one lone Ethiopian who became a Christian, in Acts 10:1-48 a whole house full of non-Jews heard the gospel, believed it, and was baptized.  Their conversion was a big surprise to the first Christians, all of whom were Jewish.  Yes, God loved those people too. ...


  2. Acts 9:1-22 - Exhibit A of God's Grace

    It is hard to imagine what the world would be like without Saul of Tarsus (the apostle Paul), but it would have been harder to imagine that such a violent persecutor of Christians would become a Christian and a missionary. His conversion and call, recorded in Acts 9:1-22, teach ...


  3. Acts 8:26-40 - An Unpromising Place

    In Acts 8:26-40, God took Philip from a growing church to a deserted place to talk about Jesus with one African man who came from the ends of the earth.  Then God guided Philip to a Scripture text about Jesus.  These are the two elements we need in order ...


  4. Acts 8:1-25 - Glory Days of the Church?

    When were the glory days of the church: perhaps when it was being persecuted, or maybe when it held sway over the culture? In an excellent sermon on Acts 8:1-25, Pastor Robbie Crouse shows Christians how we should act in both of these situations and in every other situation ...


  5. Acts 6:1-7 - A Few Good Men

    The explosive growth of the church in Jerusalem led to the first threat of division between two groups, as recorded in Acts 6:1-7.  Wisely the apostles recommended that the church choose a few good men to handle the urgent need that had arisen.  These seven men freed up the ...