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A podcast of the teaching ministry of Pastor Larry Trotter of Florida Coast Church (PCA) - Pompano Beach, Florida - Praising, Learning, Loving
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  1. John 6:1-40 - The Bread of Life

    Just like us, the people of Jesus' day spent much of their time laboring for things that perish. Just like us, they often found themselves not satisfied. In John 6:1-40, we read about two of Jesus' most well-known miracles, feeding the 5000 and walking on water. ...


  2. John 5:17-47 - Greater Works

    If a man makes a great claim about himself, he should be ready to present evidence to back up his claim. In John 5:17-47, Jesus made the most astonishing claims imaginable for a human being. By his own admission, if he alone held this opinion ...


  3. John 4:43-5:18 - Seeing is (Not) Believing

    There is a popular expression that says "seeing is believing." However, many people saw the amazing signs performed by Jesus and did not believe in him. In two separate incidents recorded in John 4:43-5:18, Jesus performed signs of healing, but few believed in him. One ...


  4. John 4:1-42 - Thirst Quencher

    Things had not worked out in life as she had hoped. After five broken marriages, she found herself in another uncertain relationship with a man. Then one one hot day at noon, she met a thirsty Jewish man. At first she despised him because of ...


  5. John 3:22-36 - He Must Increase

    Ever since there began to be two groups preaching and baptizing, there were those who wanted to set up a competition between them. In John 3:22-36, John the Baptist put an immediate stop to the idea of competition between Jesus and himself. His response provides ...