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  1. John 20:19-31 - Lord and God

    In John 20:19-31, Jesus appeared to his disciples twice, once to commission and equip them and a second time to show himself to Thomas. In response to seeing Jesus, Thomas made an astounding declaration about Jesus, calling him "my Lord and my God!" After this declaration, the author spelled ...


  2. John 20:1-18 - The Empty Tomb

    There is a stubborn fact of history that no one has been able to disprove, although many have tried. Jesus' tomb was empty, and no one has ever produced his body. Hear in John 20:1-18 about the first ones to encounter the empty tomb. Come, see, and believe! ...


  3. John 19:16-42 - It is finished!

    All through the Gospel of John we have been hearing about Jesus' coming glorification. In John 19:16-42, we finally reach it and discover that it took place on the cross. In this familiar account, the author of the gospel included fascinating details that point us to the meaning of ...


  4. John 18:28-19:16 – Truth from the Mouths of Enemies

    Only in John 18:28-19:16 do we find details of Jesus’ trial before Pilate. We hear Jesus’ opponents making statements about him that are much truer than they understood. Putting these statements together, we have a clear although unintentional declaration of who Jesus is and why he came. ...


  5. John 18:1-27 – A Study in Contrasts

    In his narration of Jesus’ arrest in John 18:1-27, John alternated between scenes focused on Jesus who acted in complete control, and Peter who was losing control of himself. We will likely be able to find ourselves in the story in couple of different ways, once because of our ...