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  1. Good News for a Change - Acts 10:34-43

    In a world full of bad news, we are all wanting to hear good news. What we usually receive is good advice, which is welcome but fails to animate our lives. In Acts 10:34-43, we have an early sermon by Peter, in which he clearly ...


  2. John 15:1-17 - Stay Where You Are

    There is a word that runs through Jesus' farewell discourse and appears eleven times in John 15:1-17 in one form or another. It can be translated as abide, remain, stay, continue, dwell. As we abide in our homes during the pandemic, we need to remember that ...


  3. John 14:15-31 - My Peace I Give You

    Continuing the final conversation with his disciples in John 14:15-31, Jesus told them how to show their love for him and of the gifts he gives to those who love him. His Spirit, his presence, and his peace enable us to live as his followers these ...


  4. John 14:1-14 - Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled

    After Jesus gave his disciples very troubling news, he told them in John 14:1-14, "Let not your hearts be troubled." He went on to say what to do instead and gave them and us three reasons not to be troubled. Although this text is simply ...


  5. John 13:18-38 - Betrayal and Love

    In John 13:18-38, we pick up the conversation between Jesus and his disciples over dinner. After he had washed their feet, he announced that one of them would betray him. Once Judas had gone out into the night, Jesus gave his followers of every age the New ...