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A podcast of the teaching ministry of Pastor Larry Trotter of Florida Coast Church (PCA) - Pompano Beach, Florida - Praising, Learning, Loving
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Latest Episodes…

  1. John 3:1-21 - Look and Live

    In a nighttime conversation with a religious leader recorded in John 3:1-21, Jesus used an expression that has found its way into popular culture, being "born again." Jesus emphasized not merely a new start but a total transformation performed by God. In other words, we all need ...


  2. John 2:1-25 – The Countdown Begins

    In John 2, Jesus began his public ministry with two incidents that started the countdown toward what he called “my hour.” Turning water into wine and driving out the marketers from the Temple courts seemed like two unrelated incidents. However, they both indicated that Jesus came to ...


  3. John 1:35-51 – Come and See!

    Except for John the Baptist, everyone in John 1:35-51 began the day not believing in Jesus. By the end of two days, all were believing in Jesus, following him, and telling others about him. What had happened? They had all met Jesus, and most of them met ...


  4. John 1:19-34 – Take It Away

    Almost all humans recognize that there is a gap between what we should do and what we actually do. Also, we have invented many methods to try to deal with that gap. Unfortunately, we repeatedly discover that our methods don’t ultimately work. In John 1:19-34, John (the Baptist) ...


  5. John 1:1-18 – The Light Shines in the Darkness

    The Gospel of John wastes no time in diving into the deep waters of truth. In John 1:1-18, the author presents Jesus as the divine Word who became a human, the Light that came into the darkness, and the One and Only who is himself God and with ...