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  1. John 18:1-27 – A Study in Contrasts

    In his narration of Jesus’ arrest in John 18:1-27, John alternated between scenes focused on Jesus who acted in complete control, and Peter who was losing control of himself. We will likely be able to find ourselves in the story in couple of different ways, once because of our ...


  2. John 17:1-26 – Prayer of Glory

    After his farewell discourse with his disciples, Jesus prayed his longest recorded prayer in John 17:1-26. He prayed regarding himself, for his original disciples, and for his later disciples, but his overarching request was for God’s glory. Because God’s glory on earth is tied to how his ...


  3. John 16:12-33 – Sorrow to Joy

    Jesus concluded his final discourse with his disciples before his death in John 16:12-33. He developed previous lessons and added that they would have temporary sorrow that would change into lasting joy. In spite of our suffering in this world, Christians can have joy, peace, and courage, ...


  4. John 15:18-16:11 – What to Expect

    After telling his disciples that they should love one another, Jesus began preparing them in John 15:18-16:11 to be hated by the world. Even so, he sent them out to be witnesses for him, but not on their own. He also promised to send the Holy Spirit ...


  5. Good News for a Change - Acts 10:34-43

    In a world full of bad news, we are all wanting to hear good news. What we usually receive is good advice, which is welcome but fails to animate our lives. In Acts 10:34-43, we have an early sermon by Peter, in which he clearly ...