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  1. Daniel 9 - Promises Kept

    Daniel urgently asked God to keep his own promises for the glory of his own name. ...


  2. Daniel 8 - A Ram, a Goat, and a Horn

    In a second vision, Daniel saw into the future when the Jews would need to remain faithful under terrible persecution. ...


  3. Daniel 6 - Reign and Rescue

    In the famous story of Daniel in the lions' den, we learn about being blameless and see again that God reigns and rescues. ...


  4. Daniel 5 - All Gone

    Sooner or later every kingdom that opposes God will be "all gone," but there is a kingdom that will not pass away. ...


  5. Daniel 4 - The Real King

    King Nebuchadnezzar exited the scene with an important lesson for all of us about who is the real King. ...