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  1. Acts 13:1-5 - Just Send Missionaries

    In all times, and especially during a pandemic or persecution, it is better for churches to focus on making disciples, not on building and maintaining structures. However, some structure is necessary to send out missionaries to make disciples elsewhere. In Acts 13:1-5 we meet the first church that sent ...


  2. Acts 10:1-48 - God loves THOSE people?

    Although there was one lone Ethiopian who became a Christian, in Acts 10:1-48 a whole house full of non-Jews heard the gospel, believed it, and was baptized.  Their conversion was a big surprise to the first Christians, all of whom were Jewish.  Yes, God loved those people too. ...


  3. Acts 9:1-22 - Exhibit A of God's Grace

    It is hard to imagine what the world would be like without Saul of Tarsus (the apostle Paul), but it would have been harder to imagine that such a violent persecutor of Christians would become a Christian and a missionary. His conversion and call, recorded in Acts 9:1-22, teach ...


  4. Acts 8:26-40 - An Unpromising Place

    In Acts 8:26-40, God took Philip from a growing church to a deserted place to talk about Jesus with one African man who came from the ends of the earth.  Then God guided Philip to a Scripture text about Jesus.  These are the two elements we need in order ...


  5. Acts 8:1-25 - Glory Days of the Church?

    When were the glory days of the church: perhaps when it was being persecuted, or maybe when it held sway over the culture? In an excellent sermon on Acts 8:1-25, Pastor Robbie Crouse shows Christians how we should act in both of these situations and in every other situation ...