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Latest Episodes…

  1. Daniel 3 - No Matter What

    Daniel's three friends preferred to die rather than renounce their faith, knowing that God would be with them no matter what. ...


  2. Daniel 2 - The Stone

    In Daniel 2, a problem arose because of the absence of the gods among humans, but the true God showed himself through a human. ...


  3. Daniel 1 - Just Say No

    In Daniel 1, four teenagers show us how to be faithful when we are pressured to conform to the world around us. ...


  4. Philemon - From Slave to Brother

    The personal letter Paul wrote to Philemon contains a beautiful picture of redemption through the work of Christ. ...


  5. Colossians 4:7-18 - Grace to You Too

    In the lives of the ones mentioned in the final greetings of Colossians, we see evidence of God's abundant grace, which is available to us as well. ...