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  1. Samuel – Reject and Replace

    Ringing in our ears from the book of Judges is the cry for a king, so we are not surprised to find that the book that is now divided into 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel answers the need for a king.  However, the process was not very neat, ...


  2. Judges – Down We Go

    When people read the Bible, they may be surprised to find shocking stories of wickedness mixed with stories of great faith, sometimes in the very same people.  In other words, it contains stories of people like us.  Judges reports on the chaotic situation in Israel after the death of ...


  3. Joshua – Promise Fulfilled

    In Exodus, the focus was on coming out of Egypt.  Numbers recorded the wandering in the desert between Egypt and the Promised Land.  Deuteronomy was preparation for entering the Promised Land.  In Joshua, we read of the fulfillment of God’s long-standing promise to give the land to the descendants ...


  4. Deuteronomy – Famous Last Words

    In Deuteronomy, the fifth and final book of what is called the Pentateuch or the Five Books of Moses, we have three sermons that Moses gave to the people before his death and before the people were finally to enter the Promised Land: one focused on the past, one ...


  5. Numbers – Keep Going!

    Who would have thought that a book called Numbers would contain interesting stories that are applicable to our lives today?  Actually, the Jews call the book In the Desert, which is not only a more engaging title but also more descriptive of the history the book ...