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  1. Thinking Pastorally About Your Pastor

    From Colossians 1:24-2:7, Dr. Jim Garretson explained the nature of the gospel ministry, applying lessons from Paul’s ministry to our situation at Florida Coast Church, reminding us to give thanks for faithful pastors, and calling us all to remain true to God’s purpose for the church in taking the ...


  2. A Cared-for People

    We concluded our series with I Peter 5:1-14, in which Peter described the three ways in which God cares for his people: through the elders of the church, through the other members of the church, and directly.  The letter also ends where is began, with concepts that sum up ...


  3. A Loving People

    In I Peter 4:1-19, Peter continued the call for us to follow Christ by living exemplary lives according to God’s will.  Above all, we are to love each other earnestly, knowing that love functions in the church to cover a multitude of sins. ...


  4. A Long-suffering People

    Although the original readers of Peter’s letter were experiencing relatively mild opposition from their neighbors, in I Peter 3:8-22, he wanted to prepare them for worse persecution to come and the unfair suffering they would have to endure.  As in all the letter, God calls on us both to ...


  5. A Free People – Part 2

    Continuing the call to live outstanding lives among unbelievers, Peter focused his attention on wives and husbands in I Peter 3:1-7.  Although the specific instructions to wives and husbands sounded at first glance to be similar to traditional cultural norms, they were in fact radically Christian in their placing ...