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  1. An Exiled People

    To start the year, we are studying Peter’s first letter by beginning with I Peter 1:1-2.  In each section, we will see how he describes the people of God.  In his greeting, Peter calls Christians “elect exiles,” which is a curious expression that mixes something positive (elect, chosen, selected) ...


  2. Are you listening?

    In order to prepare for the happiest 2018 possible, we ended 2017 focusing on God’s word and how we hear it, looking at Jesus’ Parable of the Sower in Mark 4:1-20.  Nothing will be more beneficial to our lives, our family, and our happiness than careful attention to God’s ...


  3. His Two Names

    At first glance, it looked like Matthew made a big mistake in his genealogy of Jesus by placing him in the line of David, since he admitted that Jesus was born of Mary, not of Joseph.  In Matthew 1:18-25, he went on to explain how Jesus was conceived and ...


  4. The Son Of

    If genealogies are not the most engaging reading, why would Matthew begin his history of Jesus with one in Matthew 1:1-17?  Actually, genealogies can be very engaging if we find in them connections with our story.  Because Matthew wanted to connect Jesus with Jewish people, he emphasized Jesus’ descent ...


  5. A Question of Compassion

    In Jonah 4, we find the most successful preacher of his day angry enough to die after his greatest triumph, because God had done in Nineveh exactly what Jonah had suspected he would do.  In this final chapter, God presented two arguments to teach Jonah about compassion, the same ...