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  1. Ephesians 5:15-24 - Spirit-filled Wives

    After seeing the original pattern for marriage in the previous sermon, we now look at what went wrong in Genesis 3:16 and how Christ transforms marriage on the wife's side in Ephesians 5:15-24. (Husbands next week!) ...


  2. Genesis 2:18-25 - Man and Woman

    In order to understand marriage, we need to go back to the creation of the woman in Genesis 2:18-25. ...


  3. Jude - Kept and Keeping

    Because some preachers were saying that God's grace permits Christians to practice immorality, Jude urged us to avoid their error by keeping ourselves in the love of God. ...


  4. 3 John - Who's on First

    In 3 John, there is a sharp contrast between one church member who loved Christ and his missionaries and another who loved to be first. ...


  5. 2 John - God in Flesh

    Since the early days of the church, people have tried to deny the Incarnation and still call themselves Christians. The little letter of 2 John is an answer to them and a reaffirmation of the truth about God in the flesh. ...